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Graphics: Shadows

Efficient Online Visibility for Shadow Maps

Oliver Mattausch, Jiri Bittner, Ari Silvnennoinen, Daniel Scherzer and Michael Wimmer
GPU Pro 3, 2012.

Depth Rejected Gobo Shadows

John White
GPU Pro 3, 2012.

Real-Time One-bounce Indirect Illumination and Indirect Shadows using Ray-Tracing

Holger Gruen
GPU Pro 2, 2011.

Variance Shadow Maps Light-Bleeding Reduction Tricks

Wojciech Sterna
GPU Pro 2, 2011.

Fast Soft Shadows via Adaptive Shadow Maps

Pavlo Turchyn
GPU Pro 2, 2011.

Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps

Marco Salvi, Kiril Vidimce, Andrew Lauritzen, Aaron Lefohn, Matt Pharr
GPU Pro 2, 2011.

Fast Soft Shadows with Temporal Coherence

Daniel Scherzer, Michael Schw� rzler and Oliver Mattausch
GPU Pro 2, 2011.

MipMapped Screen Space Soft Shadows

Alberto Aguado and Eugenia Montiel
GPU Pro 2, 2011.

Visualize Your Shadow Map Techniques

Fan Zhang, Chong Zhao, and Adrian Egli
GPU Pro, 2010.

Fast Conventional Shadow Filtering

Holger Gruen
GPU Pro, 2010.

Hybrid Min/Max Plane-Based Shadow Maps

Holger Gruen
GPU Pro, 2010.

Shadow Mapping for Omnidirectional Light Using Tetrahedron Mapping

Hung-Chien Liao
GPU Pro, 2010.

Screen Space Soft Shadows

Jesus Gumbau, Miguel Chover, and Mateu Sbert
GPU Pro, 2010.

Practical Cascaded Shadow Maps

Fan Zhang, Alexander Zaprjagaev, Allan Bentham
ShaderX7, 2009.

A Hybrid Method for Interactive Shadows in Homogeneous Media

Chris Wyman and Shaun Ramsey
ShaderX7, 2009.

Real-time Dynamic Shadows for Image-based Lighting

Mark Colbert, Jaroslav Kriv�nek
ShaderX7, 2009.

Facetted Shadow Mapping for Large Dynamic Game Environments

Ray Tran
ShaderX7, 2009.

Stable Rendering of Cascaded Shadow maps

Michal Valient
ShaderX6, 2008.

Approximate Cumulative Distribution Function Shadow Mapping

Holger Gruen
ShaderX6, 2008.

Rendering Filtered Shadows with Exponential Shadow Maps

Marco Salvi
ShaderX6, 2008.

Fitted Virtual Shadow Maps and Shadow Fog

Markus Giegl
ShaderX6, 2008.

Removing Shadow Volume Artifacts by Spatial Adjustment

Chi-Sing Leung, Tze-Yui Ho and Tien-Tsin Wong
ShaderX6, 2008.

Shadow Techniques for OpenGL ES 2.0

Jonathan Feldstein
ShaderX6, 2008.

Summed-Area Variance Shadow Maps

Andrew Lauritzen (University of Waterloo)
GPU Gems 3, 2007.

Parallel-Split Shadow Maps on Programmable GPUs

Fan Zhang, Hanqiu Sun (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Oskari Nyman (Helsinki University of Technology)
GPU Gems 3, 2007.

Efficient and Robust Shadow Volumes Using Hierarchical Occlusion Culling and Geometry Shaders

Martin Stich (Mental Images), Carsten W�chter, Alexander Keller (Ulm University)
GPU Gems 3, 2007.

Cascaded Shadow Maps

Wolfgang Engel
ShaderX5, 2006.

Multisampling Extension for Gradient Shadow Maps

Christian Sch�ler
ShaderX5, 2006.

Alias-Free Hard Shadows with Geometry Maps

L�szl� Sz�csi
ShaderX5, 2006.

Edge Masking and Per-Texel Depth Extent Propagation For Computation Culling During Shadow Mapping

John R. Isidoro
ShaderX5, 2006.

Queried Virtual Shadow Maps

Markus Giegl and Michael Wimmer
ShaderX5, 2006.

Real-time Soft Shadows with Shadow Accumulation

L�szl� Szirmay-Kalos and Barnab�s Asz�di
ShaderX5, 2006.

Practical Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Approximate Soft Shadows for Detailed Surface Rendering

Natalya Tatarchuk
ShaderX5, 2006.

Soft Projected Shadows

Aras Pranckevic�ius
ShaderX4, 2006.

Eliminate Surface Acne with Gradient Shadow Mapping

Christian Sch�ler
ShaderX4, 2006.

Real-Time Soft Shadows Using the PDSM Technique

Jean-Fran�ois St. Amour, Eric Paquette, Pierre Poulin, Philippe Beaudoin
ShaderX4, 2006.

Robust Shadow Mapping with Light-Space Perspective Shadow Maps

Michael Wimmer and Daniel Scherzer
ShaderX4, 2006.

Making Shadow Buffers Robust Using Multiple Dynamic Frustums

Tom Forsyth
ShaderX4, 2006.

Dynamic Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting

Michael Bunnell (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 2, 2005.

Efficient Soft-Edged Shadows Using Pixel Shader Branching

Yury Uralsky (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 2, 2005.

Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows

Randima Fernando (NVIDIA)
PDF available, NVIDIA GDC Presentations, 2005.

Efficient Shadow Volume Rendering

Morgan McGuire (Brown University)
GPU Gems, 2004.

Shadow Map Antialiasing

Michael Bunnell (NVIDIA) and Fabio Pellacini (Pixar Animation Studios)
GPU Gems, 2004.

Omnidirectional Shadow Mapping

Philipp Gerasimov (iXBT.com)
GPU Gems, 2004.

Generating Soft Shadows Using Occlusion Interval Maps

William Donnelly (University of Waterloo) and Joe Demers (NVIDIA)
GPU Gems, 2004.

Perspective Shadow Maps: Care and Feeding

Simon Kozlov (Softlab-NSK)
GPU Gems, 2004.

Managing Visibility for Per-Pixel Lighting

John O�Rorke (Monolith Productions)
GPU Gems, 2004.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping: Self-Shadowing, Perspective-Correct Bump Mapping Using Reverse Height Map Tracing

Zoe Brawley and Natalya Tatarchuk
ShaderX3, 2004.

Poisson Shadow Blur

Jason L. Mitchell
ShaderX3, 2004.

Fractional-Disk Soft Shadows

Michal Valient and Willem H. de Boer
ShaderX3, 2004.

Fake Soft Shadows Using Precomputed Visibility Distance Functions

Aras Pranckevicius
ShaderX3, 2004.

Efficient Omnidirectional Shadow Maps

Gary King and William Newhall
ShaderX3, 2004.

Light Shafts: Rendering Shadows in Participating Media

Jason Mitchell (ATI Research)
ATI Technology Papers & Presentations (GDC 2004).

GPU Gems Showcase: Perspective Shadow Mapping (GPU Gems)

Gary King (NVIDIA)
PDF available, NVIDIA GDC Presentations, 2004.

GPU Gems Showcase: Ambient Occlusion (GPU Gems)

Matt Pharr (NVIDIA)
PDF available, NVIDIA GDC Presentations, 2004.

A Modified Phong-Blinn Light Model for Shadowed Areas

Tony Barrera (Barrera Kristiansen AB), Anders Hast (Creative Media Lab, University of G�vle), and Ewert Bengtsson (Center for Image Analysis, Uppsala University)
Graphics Programming Methods, 2003.

GPU Shadow Volume Construction for Nonclosed Meshes

Warrick Buchanan
Game Programming Gems 4, 2004.

GPU Shadow Volume Construction for Nonclosed Meshes

Warrick Buchanan
Game Programming Gems 4, 2004.

Perspective Shadow Maps

Marc Stamminger , George Drettakis, Carsten Dachsbacher
Game Programming Gems 4, 2004.

Combined Depth and ID-Based Shadow Buffers

Kurt Pelzer (Piranha Bytes)
Game Programming Gems 4, 2004.

Carving Static Shadows into Geometry

Alex Vlachos (ATI Research)
Game Programming Gems 4, 2004.

Adjusting Real-Time Lighting for Shadow Volumes and Optimized Meshes

Alex Vlachos, Chris Oat (ATI Research)
Game Programming Gems 4, 2004.

Shadow Mapping with Direct3D 9

Michal Valient
ShaderX2, 2003.

The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes

Hun Yen Kwoon
ShaderX2, 2003.

Soft Shadows

Flavien Brebion
ShaderX2, 2003.

Robust ObjectID Shadows

Sim Dietrich
ShaderX2, 2003.

Reverse Extruded Shadow Volumes

Renaldas Zioma
ShaderX2, 2003.

True Volumetric Shadows

Robert James
Graphics Programming Methods, 2003.

Computing Optimized Shadow Volumes for Complex Data Sets

Alex Vlachos and Drew Card (ATI Research)
Game Programming Gems 3, 2002.
Abstract: In this article, we describe a method for computing the exact front cap geometry visible from a given static light source. This is the exact geometry that is visible from the light's point of view, and it is useful for calculating shadow volumes. Previous work has been done on this topic; however, most methods suffer from either infinte recursion (with complex polygonal models) or fail to solve for cyclically overlapping polygons. The method presented here also works for scenes that have intersecting polygons.

Shadow Volume Extrusion using a Vertex Shader

Chris Brennan
ShaderX, 2002.

Self-Shadowing Characters

Alex Vlachos, David Gosselin, and Jason L. Mitchell (ATI Research)
Game Programming Gems 2, 2001.
Abstract: This article presents a projective texture approach, which enables self-shadowing of convex subsections of characters in real time. After breaking the character into convex subsections, the subsections are rendered into a texture with varying alpha values from teh point of view of the light source. When the character is rendered from the viewer's point-of-view, this texture is projected back onto the convex subsegments of the character, simulating the occlusion of each subsegment with respect to the light source. Being map based rather than stencil-volume based, this technique requires no additional work to be compatible with higher-order surface tessellation techniques.

Practical Priority Buffer Shadows

D. Sim Dietrich Jr. (NVIDIA Corporation)
Game Programming Gems 2, 2001.
Abstract: This article presents a set of techniques to improve the utility of "priority buffers". Along the way, we will explore other shadow techniques, and close by discussing how to create useful hybrid techniques.

Ground-Plane Shadows

Yossarian King (Electronic Arts Canada)
Game Programming Gems, 2000.

Real-Time Shadows on Complex Objects

Gabor Nagy (Sony Computer Entertainment America)
Game Programming Gems, 2000.

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