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ShaderX6: Advanced Rendering Techniques
44 Articles, Edited by Wolfgang Engel, 2008.

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Geometry Manipulation

Fast Evaluation of Subdivision Surfaces on Direct3D 10 Graphics Hardware

Gy�rgy Antal and L�szl?Szirmay-Kalos
ShaderX6, 2008.

Improved Appearance Variety for Geometry Instancing

Jonathan Ma�m and Daniel Thalmann
ShaderX6, 2008.

Implementing Real-Time Mesh Simplification Using Programmable Geometry Pipeline on GPU

Christopher DeCoro and Natalya Tatarchuk
ShaderX6, 2008.

Rendering Techniques

Care and Feeding of Normal Vectors

Joern Loviscach
ShaderX6, 2008.

Computing Per-Pixel Object Thickness in a Single Render Pass

Christopher Oat and Thorsten Scheuermann
ShaderX6, 2008.

Filtered Tilemaps

Sylvain Lefebvre
ShaderX6, 2008.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping Special Feature Rendering

Jason Zink
ShaderX6, 2008.

Uniform Cubemap for Dynamic Environments

Tze-Yui Ho, Chi-Sing Leung and Tien-Tsin Wong
ShaderX6, 2008.

Isocube A Cubemap with Uniformly Distributed and Equally Important Texels

Liang Wan, Tien -Tsin Wong and Chi-Sing Leung
ShaderX6, 2008.

Practical Geometry Clipmaps for Rendering Terrains in Computer Games

Rafael P. Torchelsen, Jo�o L. D. Comba, and Rui Bastos
ShaderX6, 2008.

Efficient and Practical TileTrees

Carsten Dachsbacher and Sylvain Lefebvre
ShaderX6, 2008.

Quantized Ring Clipping

David Pangerl
ShaderX6, 2008.

Image Space

GPU-Based Active Contours for Real-Time Object Tracking

Natasha Tatarchuk
ShaderX6, 2008.

Post-Tonemapping Resolve for High Quality HDR Antialiasing in D3D10

Emil Persson
ShaderX6, 2008.

A Fast, Small-Radius GPU Median Filter

Morgan McGuire
ShaderX6, 2008.

Per-pixel Motion Blur for Wheels

Damyan Pepper
ShaderX6, 2008.

Deferred Rendering using a Stencil Routed K-Buffer

Louis Bavoil and Kevin Myers
ShaderX6, 2008.

HDR Meets Black & White 2

Francesco Caruzzi
ShaderX6, 2008.

Robust Order-Independent Transparency via Reverse Depth Peeling in DirectX 10

Nick Thibieroz
ShaderX6, 2008.


Stable Rendering of Cascaded Shadow maps

Michal Valient
ShaderX6, 2008.

Approximate Cumulative Distribution Function Shadow Mapping

Holger Gruen
ShaderX6, 2008.

Rendering Filtered Shadows with Exponential Shadow Maps

Marco Salvi
ShaderX6, 2008.

Fitted Virtual Shadow Maps and Shadow Fog

Markus Giegl
ShaderX6, 2008.

Removing Shadow Volume Artifacts by Spatial Adjustment

Chi-Sing Leung, Tze-Yui Ho and Tien-Tsin Wong
ShaderX6, 2008.

Environmental Effects

Rendering Realistic Ice Objects

Anders Nivfors
ShaderX6, 2008.

Sunlight with Volumetric Light Rays

Pawel Rohleder
ShaderX6, 2008.

Procedural Ocean Effects

L�szl?Sz�csi and Khashayar Arman
ShaderX6, 2008.

Global Illumination Effects

Practical Methods for a PRT-based Shader Using Spherical Harmonics

Jerome Ko, Manchor Ko and Matthias Zwicker
ShaderX6, 2008.

Incremental Instant Radiosity

Hannu Saransaari, Samuli Laine, Janne Kontkanen, Jaakko Lehtinen and Timo Aila
ShaderX6, 2008.

Real Time Photon Mapping Approximation on the GPU

Vlad Stamate
ShaderX6, 2008.

Interactive Global Illumination with Precomputed Radiance Maps

Laszlo Szecsi, L�szl?Szirmay-Kalos, and Mateu Sbert
ShaderX6, 2008.

Handheld Devices

Shaders Gone Mobile Porting from Direct3D 9.0 to Open GL ES 2.0

Mikey Wetzel
ShaderX6, 2008.

Efficiently Using Tile-Based GPUs on Mobile Phones

Maurice Ribble
ShaderX6, 2008.

Maximal Performance and Image Quality with Minimal Precision

Ken Catterall
ShaderX6, 2008.

Implementing Graphical Benchmark in OpenGL ES 2.0

Szabolcs Horvath, Csaba Keszegh and Laszlo Kishonti
ShaderX6, 2008.

Every Cycle Counts Level of Detail Shaders

Kristof Beets
ShaderX6, 2008.

Shadow Techniques for OpenGL ES 2.0

Jonathan Feldstein
ShaderX6, 2008.

3D Engine Design

A Flexible Material System in Design

Maxime Beaudoin
ShaderX6, 2008.

3D Engine Tools with C++ CLI

Wessam Bahnassi
ShaderX6, 2008.

Efficient HDR Texture Compression

Tze-Yui Ho and Chi-Sing Leung
ShaderX6, 2008.

Beyond Pixels and Triangles

An Interactive Tour of Voronoi Diagrams on the GPU

Frank Nielsen
ShaderX6, 2008.

AMD DirectX 10 Performance Tools and Techniques

Jonathan Zarge, Seth Sowerby and Guennadi Riguer
ShaderX6, 2008.

Real-Time Audio Processing on the GPU

Fernando Trebien and Manuel M. Oliveira
ShaderX6, 2008.

n-Body Simulations on the GPU

Jesse Laeuchli
ShaderX6, 2008.

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